Sunday, October 10, 2004

naked baby

Writing shareware is tough,tough work. Its like having a child. One goes through the long gestation period (brainstorming, design), then the embryo starts to grow (development), and finally its time for labour (launch). Like a baby, it feeds on you day and night. you walk around constanly thinking about how to improve the code, how much is still left to do, what new features can be added, and on and on. It drains you emotionally -- you yearn to get it all done so you can finally rest and say to yourself 'well done, your vision is now a reality'

At some point you have to release. The child has to be born. So you launch the app...sure it has warts and all. Sure you could have added that other feature, or closed off bug #432. But the baby has to be delivered. It must be seen by the world.

And ahhh..once you are done. once it is alive. That is a great feeling. Once people download it. Once they start emailing you with their comments. That is a great feeling. And then...your first order comes in...that is an AWESOME feeling. It is the ultimate validation of your idea. It says someone you have never met has seen value in your work and is offering to pay with their hard earned money.

But then, the baby starts to cry. Its still needs you. It needs you to support its users. It needs you to add features. It needs you to fix bugs. It needs you to continually improve your website, your download experience, your marketing. In short, the baby needs even more energy from you now that its out in the cold world.

You look down at the baby. You are fatigued..after all you were in labor for a very long time. How can you muster more energy to keep 'this little project of mine' going? But the pride swells, the 'Ultimate Vision' has not yet been realized. So you roll up your sleeves and plunge in once again. You now have to parent the baby. You have to feed it, cloth it, and let it grow.

Its your baby, it will always be a part of you. And you will never abandon it or give up on it.


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